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Medical Tourism Companies in India


Due to reduced costs, availability of advanced medical technologies and treatment at par with international medical standards, India has become a great attraction for medical tourism. Cost effectiveness is the biggest advantage that India has. India also possesses highly trained and competent medical professionals. All this has given way to a number of medical tourism companies in India.

The challenge for a foreign patient lies in finding the right combination of doctor and hospital for a treatment. This is where medical tourism firms play a critical role. Dawaiyatra is one of the leading medical tourism agencies in India. Dawaiyatra gives you a detailed knowledge of the various treatments in India, specialties of Hospitals, best Doctors and best hotels near Hospitals.

There are many medical tourism companies in India providing healthcare services to patient travelling from abroad or within India for treatment. India is chosen as one of best countries for providing healthcare services due to the following benefits:

  • Affordable – Best team of doctors and hospitals is selected within the respective budget of the patient. India has strong pharmaceutical industry, cheap accommodation and quality health care making India a preferred destination for Medical tourism over other countries.
  • Accessible – The healthcare services have today become accessible to all states of India. There are few centers in India which attracts over half the medical tourists travelling to India. The medical tourism companies in India play a significant role in determining the complete plan for a medical patient.
  • Customer Service – There are some key factors that determine the reasons for India being the most preferred medical tourism destination. Quality standards, great infrastructure, quality hotels and high quality care at hospitals attract patients from all over the world.

The low cost of healthcare is not the only driving force of medical tourism in India. The quality healthcare service in India is on par to what is offered in leading Hospitals in UK and USA. India is the hub for medical tourism companies with JCI accredited Hospitals and trained and certified medical professionals. The accreditation standards are regulated by the Indian Ministry of Health, Indian Healthcare Federation and the Indian Medical Tourism Council.

Medical Travelers look for a Medical Tourism Company in India which can prepare a complete itinerary for the medical treatment.  This is where Dawaiyatra comes into the picture. We are pioneers of healthcare.  We guide you in finding the best combination of doctors and hospitals for your wellness.

Dawaiyatra – A Medical Tourism Company in India guides you with the latest changes made in the health care sector.

  • No hidden costs are charged in any treatment
  • Success rate of a doctor in a particular surgery
  • Track the process of treatment
  • Latest trends in treatment
  • Estimate the cost of the treatment from different hospitals

We follow a transparent process for the patients and that’s why we have a clear edge over all the other Medical Tourism companies in India.

To save cost, time and hardships, it is imperative for a foreign patient or domestic patient traveling for treatment to plan it in advance.

We at Dawaiyatra, plan your treatment by completing all the necessary formalities so that the patient can get ready for treatment. Below are the lists of services we offer to our patient:

Pre-Arrival Services:

As a medical tourism company, we ensure that the patient has no problem in planning his trip to India for treatment.  Below are the services we provide to the patient before he lands in India:

  • Send patient’s clinical reports to different doctors
  • Share the same information with the patient and help him decide the best doctor and hospital for a specific treatment based on the budget
  • Help the patient understand the process and paperwork for Medical Visa
  • Make patient understand the treatment as per the laws of both the countries (home country and India)
  • Help the patient arrange for Medical Visa
  • Let the patient know the approximate number of days of stay required inside and outside the hospital
  • Seek the evaluations of those doctors
  • Discuss with the patient any possibility of touring some exotic tourist destinations in India and that too much prior to his departure so that he can plan his trip accordingly
  • Help the patient plan his itinerary based on his convenience and availability of the doctor
  • Help the patient decide the kind of accommodation he would require during his stay in India
  • Fix the OPD consultation with the Doctor


Post-Arrival Services

Once the patient lands in India, we facilitate the process of arranging the appointment with a doctor and ensuring the process is speedy.

  • Receive the patient and his attendants at the Indian airport (ambulance, if required) and transfer them to the accommodation/ hospital
  • Take patient to the doctor for OPD consultation
  • Assure that somebody is there with the patient during the time when tests and OPD consultations take place
  • Pay frequent visits to the patient during his stay at the hospital and ensure that the attendants are also suitably looked after
  • Keep the referral doctor of the patient well informed about the progress of the patient through specially designed CRM software
  • Arrange for the attendant’s tours during the process of recuperation of the patient, if they require so Or do it along with the patient, as per the wish of the family
  • Help get the patient discharge and help patient settle his bills with the hospital
  • Help patient and attendant settle the bills for the Guest House/ Hotel while checking out
  • Arrange transport to the Airport for the patient’s return journey to his home country


Treatment and Follow-Up

  • Make sure that the patients and their relatives feel safe and comfortable in India
  • Ensure that our patients get the best treatment possible within their respective budgets
  • Best doctors and hospitals are suggested according to the patient requirement
  • Patient is helped and supported throughout the process of treatment for a speedy recovery
  • Keep in touch with the patients on a regular basis through emails
  • During the process of follow-up, arrange a call between the patient and the treating doctor in India
  • If need arises, arrange a call among Referral Doctor, Patient and the Treating doctor in India
  • Arrange Follow-up camps in various countries through different hospitals
  • Inform all our patients through email about such camps so that they can also come and get themselves checked

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Dawaiyatra is the most preferred medical tourism companies in India. If you are looking for a one step solution to all your medical concerns, Dawaiyatra is right there to help you. To know more about medical tourism companies in India Call +91-7862860860 or visit


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