I am from Nepal and when I was suggested for Cardiac Treatment in India, I just came down to Delhi for further check up and finalizing the surgeon and hospital. I went back confused, not knowing which hospital to go for finally.

It was my friend who suggested me to take help of Dawai Yatra. With their guidance, I was able to decide the hospital and more importantly the surgeon in no time.

The approach in deciding the hospital that Dawai Yatra took was very logical and I was impressed with their information on various aspects of the treatment in the hospital.

Surgery was performed and I was back in Kathmandu after 12 days in Delhi and all throughout, their people were in constant touch with me. I thank them for their hospitality.

I got in touch with Dawai Yatra through their website and their prompt responsiveness and assurance coaxed me to get to India for treatment of Atrial Fibrillation.

Everything went on very smoothly. Dawai Yatra and also the hospital staff very nicely attended me.

I regret that I could not visit AGRA that I so much wanted to. I still get occasional emails from Dawai Yatra wishing me Good Health.


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