Tirupati Eye Center, Noida

Tirupati Eye Center


Tirupati Eye Center

Tirupati Eye Center is Super-Specialty territory care facility for all your eye care treatments. It uses the latest technology and equipment that is operated by a team of highly qualified professionals. It has a team of high ethics and motivated workforce and promote community eye care.

Tirupati Eye Center was establlish in Noida in May 1988. It is a 15 bedded Hospital and covers an area of 4000 sq.ft. It is situated in the heart of Noida.It is the first Eye Hospital in India to introduce Teneo Diagnostics, which is the latest version of Advanced Lasik Procedure, which consist of unbelievable results in Vision.

It provides world class facilities to its patients. Few of the services provided are:-

    • All Vitreoretinal surgeries.
    • Equipment and expertise for all eye surgeries
    • Cataract Services
    • Surgical services
      • Squint Surgery
      • Ptosis Surgery
      • Entropion Surgery
      • Ectropion Surgery
    • All retina surgery with latest vitrectomy machine
  • International Patient services

You can book an appointment with an Ophthalmologist by calling at +91 7862 860 860 or mail us at info@dawaiyatra.com

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